Neither the Guardian nor China: Madam Miaow globally banned

So, the commie tsars of the Guardian Trust and the Beijing regime join hands to prevent my words polluting the precious bodily fluids of sensitive liberals and impressionable proletarians alike.

I’m now banned at The Guardian‘s Comment Is Free as well as by the Great Firewall of China. C’mon guys, make your minds up. I’m either an apologist for the excesses of the Chinese regime or an imperialist running dog seeking to drag it into the mire. Which is it?

I just tried to post at Martin Khor’s excellent article on the Copenhagen failure and attempts to blame China. What I wanted to write was a point about fiendish oriental villainy:

Thanks Martin and John Prescott for adding some balance to the mix. Phew! Now I can stop twirling my moustache and stroking my pussy.

But post there came none.

Was it this that upset them?

Oceania and Eastasia have always been at war.

Here’s another stunt they pulled when I was shortlisted for the 2010 Orwell Prize — please read the thread.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

9 thoughts on “Neither the Guardian nor China: Madam Miaow globally banned”

  1. Indeed, which are you apologist or imperialist lackey? 😉

    It would be funny if it wasn't so politically idiotic. Why ban you? It shows them up, esp. Guardian, the liberal, freethinking and open newspaper which believes in freedom of speech yet censors if they don't like what you have to say. If completely stifles debate and argument and that's the main purpose of censorship.

    Keep fighting MM!! You have my solidarity!!

  2. Gawd! Florid, much? Shouldn't mock, though. Maybe something was lost in translation.

    Thanks for the links, Denis. I do need to find out more about Liu.

  3. Sadly Te Graun is turning into a neo-liberal vanity project. What makes it weirder is they publish some really daft articles which seem to have been printed with the sole aim of soliciting violent disagreement, whilst I’ve read several people claiming that they’ve contributed meaningful comments which have just been deleted.

  4. Oldrightie, not sure that the Tories are above this themselves but yes, Labour is transparently using diversionary tactics to take everyone's eye off the ball.

    An unfortunate metaphor because I hate the way these issues are being treated like a football match where you're supposed root for one side only no matter what. I've never liked the notion of my party/country/hairstyle right or wrong.

    Gregor, I was wondering if there are battles going on at the Guardian because some of their articles have been fantastic. It was John Vidal who revealed the existence of the Danish text. But then others are toeing the government line. So what's going on?

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