Will models form trade union? Kershaw, Poly & Pivovarova refuse killer shoes

From Naomi Campbell to Naomi Klein?

Abbey Lee Kersher in sensible shoes

Natasha Poly

“Can’t you wait?” Sasha Pivovarova helps Kate Moss with her infirmity. It’s what Gucci’s for.

It was once sabots chucked into looms, now it’s ankle-breaking high heels that’s galvanised fashion’s top catwalk models into rebelling against their exploiting oppressor and maybe forming the industry’s first trade union.

I love Alexander McQueen’s designs but embarrassing OTT clobber is one thing. It’s surely an act of war to make fashion models take to the catwalk in 12 inch killer heels, what with teetering on sparrow legs and banks of cameras recording your humiliation for posterity.

Three top models — Abbey Lee Kersher, Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovarova — went into a huddle and refused to risk their twiggy limbs on stilts several inches higher than the Westwoods that did for Naomi Campbell so spectacularly in 1994. Finding strength in unity, they stayed away from McQueen’s October show leaving him without his favourite muses. Not surprising as Kershaw had already fainted at an earlier McQueen show when she was trussed up too tightly in one of his creations, and suffered a knee-injury.

Models of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your pain.

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4 thoughts on “Will models form trade union? Kershaw, Poly & Pivovarova refuse killer shoes”

  1. Ha, ha! Thought you might. I love platforms but the weird convex front is an uglification too far.

    McQueen's shows are magic. I've become rather fond of Christopher Kane of late.

  2. i know you are going to hate this, but i do love those shoes! Then again Alexander McQueen can do absolutely no wrong with me. His nightmares are my dreams.

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