The Covid Pandemic: how coronavirus was weaponised

How the Covid Pandemic was weaponised

Covid pandemic timeline, commentary and research by Anna Chen as it happened

Coronavirus How the Covid Pandemic was weaponised

Covid Pandemic: natural disaster, man-made calamity

by Anna Chen


If I hadn’t been following the Hong Kong riots of 2019, I might have missed it. Tweets and news reports coming out of China were starting to talk about a “strange pneumonia” breaking out. Promisingly, the initial response was a straightforward international effort to stop the novel coronavirus dead in its tracks. And following initial panic, China emerged as the first nation to identify, sequence and share the genome. So far, so good.

The coronavirus had mysteriously appeared just as President Trump was failing in his destructive trade war on China. Trump had already asked what was the point of having weapons if you can’t use them. Shown inside the toy-box by the outgoing Obama administration in January 2017, he then disbanded the White House pandemic team and the Beijing CDC office by July 2019. Even more worryingly, shortly after the 2017 handover, John Bolton pulled pandemic capabilities into his NSA department.

Strange pneumonia

China’s “strange pneumonia” warning, fired off at the end of December 2019, was immediately picked up by the world’s media. However, a few days after China began its unprecedented lockdown on 23 January 2020, US hawks launched the lab-leak and lab-creation attacks on China that sapped so much energy from the global effort to eradicate the coronavirus.

In those vital early weeks, Trump pursued a super-spreader policy. In spite of being fully briefed by his own NSA on 28 January, he called the pandemic a hoax, stigmatised masks, allowed big entertainment events to take place, held high-transmission rallies and suggested injecting bleach. What’s more, the CDC’s Covid tests failed, they misdiagnosed Covid deaths as flu and information was suppressed. A month after Trump’s acknowledgment, reversal and lockdown order in March, Republicans issued the 57-page Blame China instruction memo. With few exceptions, the press dutifully followed with the result that a global public health crisis was weaponised. (See the Pentagon’s ant-vax campaign during the pandemic.)

While the bodies pile high

Similarly, in the UK, distraction ruled. The mainstream media diverted us from China’s successful Covid eradication road-map, drawn up from a lot of pain. They kicked up dirt, attacking China’s efforts — from lockdown strategy to invented human rights violations and bat-soup horror pictures — while the virus seeded itself in the West.

It was all one big unrelenting Case for the Prosecution with no defence or right of reply allowed. Crucially, this was never corrected even after America’s election in November 2020. Everyone wanted a piece of Biden’s China bounty. In the end, the writers got their money but the system gets your soul.

In the melee, what was missed was the vital information that China’s policy of containment and suppression had eradicated the virus by day 43 of their 76-day lockdown. The strategy had worked and China was able to open up with only imported flare-ups to stamp out. However, tragically, the opportunity for the world to crush Covid had been lost, sacrificed in a Game of Thrones focused on maintaining dominance for the declining superpower.

Superspreader policy

Trump’s super-spreader policy along with media distortions had battered 400 years of science and evidence-based Enlightenment. As a result, US desperation to keep top dog status as China caught up with it looked like plunging us into a new Dark Age with tech.

Four years later, shocking testimony at the UK Covid Inquiry is revealing how government ineptitude fed us to the pandemic. Will they result in any accountability at all? Essentially, it’s racism that killed us. Bad actors who don’t want us following China’s model realised that any old sinophobic slander would do and ran with it. We weren’t supposed to know that China’s scientific measures were working not only for its own people, but also the world outside the Anglosphere.

It is tragic that the virus defeated us with over a million deaths in the United States and 227,000 in the UK. And it’s still not over. Wear a mask!


The following articles document how a public health crisis was turned into a political war.

2 April 2020 – COVID THREAD Media scapegoats China Twitter Thread @MadamMiaow

5 May 2020 – COVID THREAD rebutting media attacks Twitter Thread @MadamMiaow

14 JUNE 2020 – Plague, protests and how the hybrid war on China is prolonging Covid-19 pain in the West.
I’m back after a long break following my bout of strange, dry bronchitis in December (Loved One had a dry hacking smokers’ cough in parallel) which lost us Christmas and New Year. We’ve watched aghast through stacking horrors: the coronavirus crisis, a ramped up Cold War on China, and world-wide Black Lives Matter protests set off when African-American George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police on camera in front of us over an agonising 9 minutes of horror, supposedly over a $20 bill. … continues >>>

23 JUNE 2020 – LET’S BLAME CHINA: How the White House turned “China bought us time” into “China lied, people died”.
Stupefied by three years of a vicious trade war on China, the commentariat allows life-saving Covid information to be buried in the mush of memes and accusations disseminated by various right-wing think tanks. We’re in danger of losing the Covid eradication roadmap drawn up by China which scored Zero Covid by day 43 of their 76-day lockdown. … continues >>>

26 JULY 2020 – Early Coronavirus FACT-CHECK CHRONOLOGY after Covid-19 found in Spain sewage from March 2019.
Covid-19 virus, discovered in a frozen sample of Barcelona sewage, indicates the virus was already circulating the world before exploding in Wuhan December 2019. Why did the US brief NATO and Israel about the coming pandemic in November 2019 but fail to warn China in the middle of a vicious trade war? Why did Trump disband the White House pandemic team May 2018, slash their Beijing CDC office and threaten to pull out of WHO? Note: one of the first acts by Boris Johnson as PM was to disband the UK pandemic team in July 2019. … continues >>>

Covid Channel 4 Dispatches coronavirus open letter Anna Chen

2 SEPTEMBER 2021 – OPEN LETTER of complaint to Channel 4 Dispatches “Covid Leak”.
The media’s politicisation of Covid-19 served a partisan US agenda and deflected from government mishandlingof the Covid pandemic which was costing lives. This open letter rebuts their case. It uses extensive research debunking the establishment’s China’ bashing narrative putting politics before public health. … continues >>>

11 OCTOBER 2020 – COVID RECAP Twitter Thread @MadamMiaow

20 JANUARY 2022 PARTYGATE: another day, another diversion from 176,000 Covid deaths in the UK.
UK frogs are still being boiled slowly as the government declares Covid-19 to be endemic and ends restrictions. System failed but mission accomplished.
So was it negligent homicide, homicidal negligence or mass murder? No, it’s worse: attending parties during lockdown. The charging elephant in the Downing Street garden party is the mainstream media’s news blackout on how China eradicated Covid by day 43 of its unprecedented 76-day lockdown, 23 January 2020. Rather than starving the virus to extinction in a properly-run quarantine by denying it the hosts it needs to survive and reproduce, the state has birthed a Covid industry. … continues >>>

31 OCTOBER 2022 – COVID THREAD A tsunami of deflection from US & Covid. Twitter Thread @MadamMiaow

3 JANUARY 2023 – China’s new Covid pandemic measures for 2023 and the West’s response.
The pandemic has become endemic in the West. Overwhelmed by so many new variants stewed up by a ruthless US and its sphere, prepared to sacrifice their own populations, China has no option left but to open up as best it can. Every country that refuses to come to heel in the Rules-based order that has quietly replaced the Rule of International Law is now target for the declining US. … continues >>>

Here’s the state of the Covid pandemic in Britain as we head into winter with rising numbers of cases. Guardian: ‘It is not clear how prevalent Covid has become in the UK. Detailed tracking of the disease has been cut back. “In a sense that is a pity but, on the other hand, we need to be clear about our priorities”‘. … continues >>>

COVID TIMELINE: How the pandemic was weaponised

The Covfefe Papers: This Covid Timeline will be uploaded soon. Over 500 pages of contemporaneous notes and research watching the wretched media turn a public health crisis into a political war on behalf of the US. After the disaster of Brexit, when the UK leapt from the EU frying pan into the US fire, here was the government and the Fourth Estate nailing us to the USS Titanic and torpedoing the global lifeboat.

Covid Inquiry UK website

Covid Inquiry YouTube

Boris Johnson’s testimony at the Covid Inquiry Day 1 – Wednesday 6 December 2023
Boris Johnson Day 2 at the Covid Inquiry – Thursday 7 December 2023
Stefan Simanowitz Covid19 coronavirus carehome tweet May20
THREAD: Stefan Simanowitz’s care-home Tweet alert 13 May 2020

Reuters: Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic. Well this was obvious. Why only release this information in the run-up to the November election? 14 June 2024

Since the Pandemic

“Richest 1% bag nearly twice as much wealth as the rest of the world put together over the past two years. Super-rich outstrip their extraordinary grab of half of all new wealth in past decade. 
Billionaire fortunes are increasing by $2.7 billion a day even as at least 1.7 billion workers now live in countries where inflation is outpacing wages.
 A tax of up to 5 percent on the world’s multi-millionaires and billionaires could raise $1.7 trillion a year, enough to lift 2 billion people out of poverty.” Oxfam report 16 January 2023

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