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I spent an enjoyable Saturday morning in conversation with Jerry Grey, hosted by AJ at his Geopolitics “West Gone Crazy” series of podcasts.

Enjoyable might not be the exact word, considering we discussed a grim list of subjects. Janet Yellen, Tiktok, China, UK, EV’s and World War 3 all featured.

We were talking about Gaza and Iran only hours before Iran retaliated against Israel’s bombing of the Iran consulate in Damascus, when the rampaging state killed several senior Iranians, effectively on Iranian soil. Is this brazen contravention of the Vienna Convention about to reap serious consequences? Ugly times.

And, immediately, the media are framing Iran’s feared response — 300 drones and missiles — as the initiating work of a perpetrator, not the reaction that the whole world expected to a provocative event. Once again, the US agenda gets to gaslight us with the narrative cut-off time of its choosing. One more reason why it’s always helpful to share observations and insights with thinking people outside the MSM delusion machine.

A lively comments exchange throughout the three hours and twenty minutes of the podcast shows how smart and engaged listeners are. More sense here than among our political leaders drawing a salary for goodness knows what.

Invitation to Jerry’s for a chat

Jerry has invited me onto his channel for another chat on Thursday 25 April at High Noon, UK time. Should be as much fun as the last time we did it, although maybe not in the middle of the night for him this time. Over two hours of catching up flew by like minutes.

Expect another wide-ranging delve into world politics. We may also chat about 2024 being the thirtieth anniversary of Suzy Wrong, Human Cannon at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1994, a cultural first. What’s changed since then?

Coming soon, the extended book version of Shakedown: Timeline of America’s 21st century war on China. A mega-work over 20 years, it threads a line through major geopolitical events of the past two decades, orientating the reader through the swamp of disinformation with contemporaneous articles and broadcast.

And even more about the interplay of culture with politics. My review of the two Three Body series — Netflix and Tencent — should be available by then.

Anna May Wong biography – Not Your China Doll book review

Shakedown: Timeline of America’s 21st century war on China

Everything you know about China being a threat is untrue: Jerry Grey’s intelligent, informative open letter to UK government MP James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs.

Jerry’s Take on China videos: an invaluable information resource

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