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Garlic GT#2...Off permanently Flickr Public domain Commercial use allowed - China
Chinese Garlic is off the menu (Photo GT#2…Off permanently Flickr)

Your daily dose of China hate

Every day we get the same tedious dose of China hate from the mainstream press. You’d be hard-pressed to even find one objectively positive comment about the rising superpower that’s already saved us from one calamitous American crash and was set to float us out of the travails of late-stage capitalism.

Yesterday, the Guardian crowbarred a “blame China” moment into the fag end of an article about dead hares strewn across an English village road.

Today, alongside drivel about a local Sainsbury’s closing down after a non-historic forty years, we read yet more dire warnings. This time about the danger of CATL car batteries. The Chinese EV batteries now join coffee-makers, fridges, cranes, and a long list of electronics in the China hate bogey-man box. In fact everything China makes at scale cheaply and well, and that make our lives better.

Even “Communist China” garlic gets a target on its back, what with its pungent foreign aroma.

CATL threat to US Guardian China hate headline

This is what President Joe Biden’s $500m a year China-bounty buys you since Congress passed the 2022 COMPETES Act. That’s on top of Trump’s anti-China propaganda department. “We wanted them chasing ghosts,” said one spectral official bravely choosing anonymity. You’re sure it’s the Chinese who were chasing ghosts? rolling eye emoji. I hope they get their money back.

It’s difficult to tell at this stage whether the media are just going through the motions or wading through effluent.

Mass manipulation from Madison Avenue

Having screwed our economies, our pillaging classes now tell us we can no longer have nice things. We’ll have to eat gruel and mealworm steaks without garlic and like it. The media don’t suggest that the upward suck of our public purse has to stop, or that we need a better system. Only that this will go on forever as if it’s a force of nature like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Or climate change over which we have no power … oh, wait!

We are doomed, apparently, to be truly third world; to the point where food-banks are a fond memory, the elite are safely ensconced in their luxury bunkers and we’re all eating bugs, lizards and bark.

The establishment’s media keep us in this depressive stupor by using Madison Avenue’s advertising psychology, metastasised over years of study and providing the state with mass manipulation methodology. Whipping up China hate by creating fear, they then supply the ‘solution’. In this case, not the best toothpaste but their endless wars.

Like the Scarecrow’s fear gas in Batman Begins, this lunacy is spreading from the pampered establishment to those crushed at the bottom, but only the latter have any excuse.

Chinese garlic risk to US, BBC News China hate headline
Chinese garlic threat to US – BBC headline

Flailing cultural superstructure

The upper crust running the show lacks the character to manage the transition to a multipolar world. Despite the best education the West has to offer, its leaders are entirely unequipped to take on the huge changes underway. Their collapse into paranoia and the simplistic DC comic narratives common in DC politics illustrates the truism: the cultural and social superstructure falls back into the economic base. And as the economic base is $34 trillion of debt and rising, that’s a lot of falling back.

In another corner of the cultural forest, the 1993 movie, Falling Down, got this degeneration right in its tale of a middle-aged former defence engineer (Michael Douglas) who’s lost his job, his family, his dignity and now his sanity. It foresaw the breakdown of the hitherto-privileged white European male accustomed to 400 years of ruling the world.

Capitalism grinds towards the end of its self-devouring cycle, where it wants to explode all over us as a supernova before ossifying into a burnt-out cinder with nothing driving it but dim memories of power. It’s like one of those Ophiocordyceps fungus-infected zombie insects on automatic for ever and ever …

You’d think the smarter pilots of society would have clocked this warning and done something creative about it. Unfortunately, this lot are the spiritual descendants of the Dulles brothers who set up deep state and the delusion of democracy that masked its rampant imperialist ambitions. And killed a president.

For Masters of the Universe on the Bruce wane, the role of Thor’s hammer must be intoxicating. Unfortunately, everything China is the nail.

For more background, read SHAKEDOWN TIMELINE of America’s 21st century war on China

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