Anna May Wong Must Die! show highlights video

I finally got an extract of Anna May Wong Must Die! on YouTube. Recorded Tuesday 26th May 2009 at the Roxy Bar & Screen, South London.

Still writing and putting the finishing touches to it. And, alas, no remote control of the Powerpoint/Keynote presentation due to my Mac iBook having no infra-red receiver, something I only found out the other month.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

7 thoughts on “Anna May Wong Must Die! show highlights video”

  1. Your AMW project is wonderful. It grows with time.

    Maybe Mrs. Mao next?

    OT: By any chance, do you know my comrade Heiko Khoo? I'm told he is a Hyde Park regular.

  2. Yea great Madam Miaow. Your presentation is great and you are tremendous. Seriously, I really like the way you did it. You looked really nice as well.

  3. Thanks for watching, Renegade and Mr D. It's a lot of fun to do. Looking forward to it growing, too.

    Someone already did Madam Mao a few years ago and I don't have anything to add at the mo.

    'Fraid I don't know HK, Renegade. When you say Hyde Pk, do you mean Speakers Corner?

  4. That is ace. The Waterloo guys have moved on but when they reincarnate (probably further into West London) I will see if we can get something together. Well done! Good stuff.

  5. Hi Dave. Yes, I'd love to do this at one of your events. Thanks.

    Louise, I think I'll have to use Lovely Companion's Macbook as that can be worked by remote. I quite like the idea of being mobile and being able to zap the computer from all points of the stage.

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