Unto the last babe: Gaddafi’s family slaughtered

Michael Corleone knew how to do it.

We all knew that the royal wedding would provide an opportunity to bury bad news but this is a bit Old Testament. So it wasn’t just peaceful protesters and Zombie Flash Mobs who were smitten. Looks like NATO had bigger fish to fry under cover of the happy occasion. Killing Muammar Gaddafi’s family unto the last babe doesn’t seem to have much to to with protecting the rebels from our old mucker but it draws the oil reserves ever closer to our grasp.

First we give the Colonel’s son a PhD at the LSE, then NATO bombs his youngest, Saif (not LSE Saif), and three grandchildren under the age of 12 just at the moment he’s calling fainites and suing for peace. Of course, incursions into neighbouring Tunisia may not have helped, but still. Gaddafi was in the house but survived. So not targeted, then.

Just think, if those pesky rebels hadn’t kicked up when they did, Gaddafi might have been a guest at William and Catherine’s wedding just like the other despots. Bahrain calls in the Saudis to kill their protesters and gets their ambassador/torturer a ticket to the main event. Gaddafi was simply playing up when he should have been playing the game.

As they say, never injure what you can’t kill. I wonder what happens now.

UPDATE: Monday 2nd May 2011. The Mother of All Prizes, Osama Bin Laden killed by Amurkin troops on this royal wedding weekend, ten years after 9/11. He was found35 miles north of Islamabad, living with his family in a compound surrounded by 18 foot walls. No subterranean bunker, then. His body was buried at sea ‘in accordance with Islamic law and traditions’. At sea?

UPDATE: Muamar Gaddafi led the richest country in Africa whose people enjoyed housing, health, interest-free loans, free electricity, a percentage of oil sales for all citizens and many other socialist benefits. He’d proposed an African Alliance, was then branded a dictator, the prelude to violent regime change, and was assassinated while Obama and Hillary Clinton watched: “We came, we saw, he died,” she quipped. Most of his wealth remains unaccounted for.

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