Blair behind Lockerbie bomber’s release in secret Libya deal

I wonder what Tony Blair’s American fans, currently shoveling money at him through the lecture circuit, book deals and various “awards” (presumably for services rendered to their government), will make of the news that it was he and not Gordon Brown or the Scottish executive who orchestrated the return of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi to Libya.

Doubts over whether Megrahi carried out the Lockerbie bombing aren’t going away and government agencies are increasingly antsy over what might be revealed in a full-on enquiry. Looking at the evidence, my trust lies with the relatives of the victims who have concluded that Megrahi is merely the patsy for some extremely dirty tricks going on behind the scenes.

According to a damning report in The Independent, at a top-secret meeting in London’s Pall Mall in 2003:

Nine top-level MI6, Foreign Office, CIA and Libyan officials were present for the negotiations at the Travellers Club. The revelation that two senior American officials were present risks causing embarrassment to the White House, as Washington has made clear its criticism of the release of Megrahi by the Scottish government last month.

Blair followed this up two days later with direct telephone talks with Colonel Gaddafi and a meeting complete with hugs in Libya, and yet bravely remained silent throughout the media bombardment of Gordon Brown since Megrahi’s return to Libya last month. Some might consider this characteristic of the former prime minister that he do sneaking deals and then let someone else carry the can. Especially if it’s his old compadre and Granita dining companion. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Jack Straw’s assertion yesterday that the deal was about oil, while bad enough, has been exposed as a smokescreen while something much darker was taking place behind the scenes. Libyan Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa, insists the release was “nothing to do with trade”. How typical of this dissembling political class that it would rather be found guilty of the banal crime of naked greed than be caught red-handed carving out the New World Order.

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2 thoughts on “Blair behind Lockerbie bomber’s release in secret Libya deal”

  1. Anna

    Interesting, what makes me sick on this, is a majority of those who are ranting about the Libyan's release from jail, know full well there are serious doubts over his conviction. Yet they continue to wind up the families who lost love ones, especially in the USA. [In the UK most relatives understand the whole trial was a sham.]

    It really is a wicked display of hypocrisy.

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