Viva Palestina aid convoy in Gaza

Guernica. Twinned with Gaza

I’m not normally a fan of George Galloway but he’s done an amazing job getting aid to the Palestinians in Gaza while the world remains mute.

The Viva Palestina convoy of 110 vehicles carrying a million quid in aid, has borne arrest, threat, assault and humiliation, not to mention a near complete press blackout. They’ve finally achieved their goal and entered Gaza, a splinter of land crushed between the state of Israel and the eastern Mediterranean Sea and inhabited by 400,000 desperate human beings.

The cargo represents a fraction of the resources needed to get the Gazans anywhere near what we think of as normality. But it presents a powerful example that world leaders might follow, and let’s the beleaguered population know we’re thinking about them.

Well done, Viva Palestina.

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5 thoughts on “Viva Palestina aid convoy in Gaza”

  1. Yeah, can’t help but be impressed with this one myself. A friend of mine went in just ahead of the convoy, seems they literally almost bust through.

    My fridn is blogging stuff here

  2. Hello Nevin,

    Yes, that was the other thing GG did that we all liked. I hope there’s widespread sympathy in the US for the plight of the Gazans. We don’t get to hear much how the mainstream is on this issue.

    Dave, I think they’re all brave. It’s a wonderful opportunity for their own political and personal development as well as doing some good.

    William, greetings. Your blog made me smile. Can barely read a word but it’s mad genius stuff!

  3. If I had a hat I would take it off to all those who have been involved in Viva Palestina, George at times drives me up the wall, but at his best he can be very good indeed.

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