St Ives Arts Festival heaven 2008: photos 1

So another St Ives Arts Festival draws to a close. And what a festival it was, taking place over the two weeks between Saturdays 6th – 20th September. As with the Edinburgh Festival, there’s a plethora of events around the official one, and it’s here that I like to hang out.

I got to play my second stand-up comedy gig at the Western’s St Ives Comedy Club, MCd this time by the jolly Matt Price who keeps order with a steel fist of fun.

I also got to sing, recite poetry and even MCd the lunchtime poetry and music sessions in Norway Square while Bob Devereux was away, in between soaking up the sun on Porthmeor Beach and stuffing my face with Cornish pasties, Cornish clotted cream ice cream, and clotted cream. Did I mention there was clotted cream?

Anyway, here’s a small selection of photos from a fabulous two weeks. I may have to post these in batches.

My video from the 2006 festival featuring Bob Devereux, Charles Shaar Murray, Buffalo Bill Smith, Rod Bullimore and others can be seen here

St Ives harbour at dusk

Just in case we forget St Ives is a working fishing harbour, here’s a landing of mackerel

“The Old Fella”, an old bull seal who follows the fishing boats and gets fed

Anna Chen MCs the final lunchtime poetry and music sessions in Norway Square, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th September


Paul Healy, Rod Bullimore and Charles Shaar Murray

Rod Bullimore

Pete Low

Rachel Smith

Martyn Barker and Paul Healy

Norway Square, St Ives

Weird Sleeping Kittens

Steve and Linda Jones, and Anna

Dorcas McIntosh (looking like Lauren Bacall) who recited a poem and appeared in A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the Island during the festival

Paul Healy, Keir and Phil

Anna reads “Wreath Lecture”
(Wonder where all that clotted cream went … If I hadn’t been wearing such a stupid short top I wouldn’t have had to crop the photo so ruthlessly)

Charles Shaar Murray and Buffalo Bill Smith

Steve Jones joined by Charles Shaar Murray

Anna’s MC-eye-view of the lovely audience …

Norway Square finale with all that day’s musicians plus me and Linda

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

8 thoughts on “St Ives Arts Festival heaven 2008: photos 1”

  1. Thank you, Mrs M. It's amazing how an appreciative audience can cheer up a girl. Not that I am a little show-off or anything, oh no, not me, but in the absence of a mirror I like applause to give me my universal co-ordinates. Sort of like the right shoes and handbag depending on whether you are going to a dance or the funeral of a Loved One. It matters.

  2. Wow, that harbour looks gorgeous and picturesque. Like a lovely little postcard or something.
    Congrats on your stand up and other artistic excercise. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. The clotted cream has laid itself down around my middle. Dammit!

    Perhaps I shouldn't have brought back so much with me …

    Missing my pasty brunch and pints of Rattler, wonderful 7% draught cider (St Austell brewery) that triumphs over bland Magners and the other bottled rip-offs.

  4. Hi Anna, my stay in Couva was good, thanks- very cultured with lots of sun! I did put something up on Facebook, the morning after I got back, before jetlag and work really kicked in, but with its New Order, I'm not surprised you didn't see it (I'm still trying to find my way around New FB!). Slightly adapted, and after a good sleep today, it's on my blog @:

    Will be in touch next week, but I'm still getting used again to the hustle and bustle of the The Big Nowhere…

  5. It was wonderful, thanks, Noel. There were three or four beach-worthy days. But the locals were all disappointed with a generally rainy and overcast summer this year.

    How was your stay in Vancouver?

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