Hollywood loses balls, actors find theirs: Golden Globes cancelled

Is that poor wee bairn, solidarity, raising its orphan head over in the City of Angels? Astoundingly, actors are refusing to cross the striking writers’ picket lines, meaning no designer frocks on loan, no goody bags and no awards ceremony as this year’s Golden Globes is cancelled.

Instead, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organisation that owns the Golden Globes Awards, will be announcing the winners at a Beverley Hilton press conference on Sunday when the event was scheduled to take place.

Being so used to posties and tube workers who defend their rights and their service against rapacious carpet-bagging privatisers being trashed in the media here in the UK, it quite brings a tear to my eye to see some fairly pampered talent sacrificing their spot in the limelight in support of the hard-working writers who think all this stuff up in the first place.

It’s amazing that four lousy cents on a DVD is all it would take to make the writers happy and end the strike. But the studios seem intent on breaking the Writers Guild of America. Still, it could be worse. They could have a government bringing in draconian anti-strike legislation like Labour is attempting to do here. I still remember the slogan: only a slave may not withdraw their labour. And here’s Labour demanding we call them “massa”.

Call me an old romantic but I’ll always be the starlet who slept with the writer – good luck guys.

Support is coming from all over as self-interest is superceded by principles. Joss Whedon, who gave the world Buffy The Vampire Slayer, is one of our generation’s finest writers whose influence is felt in Britain from the Dr Who stable to Eastenders. He has many projects in the pipeline and yet he’s encouraging his legion of fans to support the strike and take pizza and chocolate to the picket lines. Comfort as well as nutrients – now that’s what I call a protest!

“None of the writers – or anyone – I’ve spoken to have ever heard of fans organizing and supporting a strike the way you guys have. Supporting our right not to entertain you. Seriously, that’s rare.”

Jay Leno got off to a good start but lost his nerve and wrote himself a set for his TV chat show. What happened to spontaneity and improvisational skills? I hope he pickets himself.

George Clooney denies masterminding the latest militancy, but scores a labour movement hat-trick by being a member of the actors’, writers’ and directors’ unions. Wadda guy. Shame about his taking the Nestle shilling.

It’s hard to think of the equivalent happening here.

Anyone planning on hunkering down and watching their screen heroes’ old exploits on DVD for the duration of what promises to be a long action, be warned if you are investing in the latest hardware. Make sure you buy Sony Blu-ray technology as the rival Toshiba HD-DVD now goes the way of Betamax with Paramount’s decision to back Blu-ray.

Thankfully, this household is always a good ten years behind the current technology – I will miss the cathode ray tube – so we are never caught out buying the Wrong Stuff. I’m still hanging onto my favourite videos ’cause I don’t entirely trust those shiny little discs. Assuming we survive the dystopian downturn headed our way, we’ll probably be ready for our first plasma screen the day civilisation finally crumbles to dust. But at least there’ll be writers to write about it.

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2 thoughts on “Hollywood loses balls, actors find theirs: Golden Globes cancelled”

  1. Thanks, Darren. Hadn't heard about that. We expect such behaviour from Bono but Morrissey … It's not as if he needs the exposure.

    I haven't got to the bottom of M's recent spat with the NME over whether he actually made the racist comment or not.

  2. Gutted to switch channels the other night and spot Morrissey appearing on Late Call With Carson Daly.

    That's akin to him crossing the picket line.

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