Beat It by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (reddish hue)

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army performs “Beat It”, probably directed towards assorted running dogs and capitalist roaders, not to mention the US navy currently in the middle of military exercises in the Yellow Sea off Korea.

Look at that erhu go! Nice solo, man.

I was brought up on this stuff and had to sit through Madam Mao’s model operas as a child, for which social services were surprisingly never called in, so this video is a blast from the past but with added Jacko appeal.

Either that or it’s the Long March Cycle.

Hat tip Anglo Noel and Sue Katz.

UPDATE: Interesting situation in China. Socialist Unity has the gen: Is there an underground Maoist party in China? And would it look like the video?

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3 thoughts on “Beat It by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (reddish hue)”

  1. I saw this on your FB and thought it was v v funny but also rather odd at the same time, do you think that they will be releasing more Jackson tracks what about BAD or THRILLER

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