Keiser Report: Splintered Sunrise was right

My good friend and blogger Splintered Sunrise has been praising someone called Max Keiser to the skies, describing the addictive phenomenon as “worse than crack”. I take that to mean Class A powder and not builders’ low pants line.

At long last I took a peek at Splinty’s video of a recent programme on robot traders and he is absolutely right. It is fantastic. A very funny and in your face take-down of the crimos running the American economy into the ground as it is pillaged by the bankers, and a completely corrupt system destroying the world like some James Bond villain. SPECTRE rules in Wall Sreet.

I sat there agreeing like a nodding dog in the back of a car (which will mean precislely zilch to my younger readers). Suffice to say that Keiser and his lovely assistant Stacy Herbert articulate what you and I knew all along.

Sample comments from Max about Wall Street: “A psychotic gamblaholic with unlimited credit … A rhesus monkey can make a billion dollars.”

Yes, The Keiser Report is on Vladamir Putin’s vanity channel but as Orwell said, even the Daily Telegraph is correct some of the time.

As civilisation sinks like a stone, at least we’ll have some laughs along the way. Enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “Keiser Report: Splintered Sunrise was right”

  1. Max Keiser is great, as is his side-kick Stacey Herbert. I've been a fan of his show for quite some time now. Greg Palast has been on there along with Michael Hudson, one of my favourite economists. Worth checking out on a regular basis. Friend him on Facebook or add on Twitter for announcements.

  2. Watched him for a while now – and yeah – he is stunning, even in a FoxNews-meets-PaulMasonNewsnight(on a good day)-way.
    But it's his range of guests that impresses. Usually brilliant, always astute. Breath of fresh air.

  3. He sort of gives you a perspective on how much has been hidden or dressed up for us and makes you realise how useless most of the other pundits are.

    Of course, there's still no proper resistance organised in this country which is utterly shameful. Tories have been in power over a hundred days and we're still supine. Absolutely no sense of urgency from the left in this country.

  4. I'm a recent convert to RT. Sure, it has a certain viewpoint, but one that is a refreshing change. Informative and different perspective from mainstream western channels. I love their Cross Talk programme in particular and Keiser is not bad. Some great documentaries as well. Nice blog Anna.

  5. Max Keiser is now one of my must watch shows. i have been watchin him and Stacy for a while. she is also fantastic- intellegent and beautiful.
    i promote their show to everyone i speak to.
    here in the UK we get RT and my two favorite shows on it are Keiser Report and the Alonya Show- she is also intellegent and beautiful.
    i'm seeing a pattern here 😀

  6. Agreed, daddy fu, Max and Stacy are both fab. Incisive, cutting through the great wodge of disinformation we're fed by the mainstream. Only Paul Mason and Larry Elliot come anywhere near them here.

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