I’m A Celebrity: Mr Sulu vs Tango Man

Holy car-crash telly. George Takei and Robert Kilroy-Silk head up this jungle slug-fest in a moment. They’ll hate each other. Both will hate Esther. Brian Paddick, Martina Navratilova … Yay for the gays!

Just wait til someone mispronounces George’s name. Hissy fit? Phasers on kill, more like. I don’t fancy your chances, Kilroy. This man had to deal with the Shat for years and he’ll have you yelling, “Beam me outta here”.

Who can forget George Galloway’s magnificent lesson from the 2006 Celebrity Big Brother series, a masterclass in how to kiss up and kick down. This one promises to be just as brilliant and see me through those cold winter’s nights. C’mon guys, don’t let me down. Egos on stun.

I quite fancy going on this one myself. Bush Tucker trial? Kangaroo testicles? Witchetty grubs? No prob! Just pass the garlic and the soy sauce and watch me love it.

“Help, I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here”
21:00 ITV
22:30 ITV2

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2 thoughts on “I’m A Celebrity: Mr Sulu vs Tango Man”

  1. Oh, the "babe" factor. I think they put together the participant list in their sleep.

    I think Nichelle (Uhura) tried to be nice to the Shat in her biog, but it drew on all her powers of diplomacy.

  2. They have the two "babes" as well, one doing a Mylene Klass impersonation already i.e. showering in her poka dot bikini.

    Btw: not one of the cast of the original Star Trek liked Shatner, did they? They all got on with each other 'cept with Shatner.

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