I’m A Celebrity: George Takei gets roasted

George Takei being roasted, and I’m not talking Tommy Sheridan-stylee. See George being a good sport while Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald takes him apart at the Friars Roast, the event where comics get to savage our beloved entertainment icons on our behalf.

Also very funny, George laying into William Shatner at his roast with such viciousness that you’d think he meant it. Ouch! Drop in at 5m 20s.

Missing, the end coup de grace where George tells the Shat, “Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on.” You can watch that here.

Meanwhile, netizens are calling for Robert Kilroy-Silk to be ejected from their jungle hell first. ARE YOU CRAZY? First rule of Reality TV: never EVAH vote out the a-hole before exhausting his/her ability to annoy and provide us with an interior view of the darkness of the soul or whatever black hole passes for a heart. I want to go staring into that abyss until it stares back and pokes me in the eye.

Kilroy’s creepy “don’t know whether to fuck her or fight her” obsession with WAG Carly Zucker makes fascinating viewing. Thankfully, security is at hand.

Tonight 21:00 on ITV

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2 thoughts on “I’m A Celebrity: George Takei gets roasted”

  1. George is so unbelievably adorable and one of the best sports in the world. Seeing him laugh is like watching kittens play in a meadow or something else ridiculously cute. I was thrilled when they chose him to play Hiro's dad on Heroes. It opened him up to a whole new generation who can now appreciate his supreme coolness.

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