Caleb Selah and Lenny Henry: TFYS radio show on Soundcloud

From Caleb Selah: “Recently this man accidentally became the TFYS’s neighbour. Lenny may have done a few dodgy things on the tellybox but everyman has to earn a crust. I like the Brummie a lot, he has put many smiles on my face, given work to friends. It has been suggested by a politician that he should return to a black country. He’s from the Black Country. UKIP must not be underestimated, first Lenny, then Craig Charles and then Lemmy from Motorhead will all be attacked by these stupid, cowardly wastes of blood and piping. Fuck You UKIP and Lenny, live long and prosper…”

Read more and listen to Caleb Selah’s The Fuck You Sound show.

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