Crosstown Lightnin’ and Bex Marshall at Black Velvet: pix

Crosstown Lightnin’ played their first gig in a while, the first of many more the way things are looking.

Charles Shaar Murray, Buffalo Bll Smith, Marc Jefferies and Pete Miles were tight as a gnat’s bum and rocked the swanky new W14 venue, Black Velvet, with their punky blues.

Bex Marshall headlined with her 4-piece blues band. She has an amazing textured voice — from gravelly and snarling to sweet and melodic, and she wields a mean resonator. It’s an awesome full-blooded BIG sound from a home-grown Brit.

Special mention to her backing singer who gave a soaring gospelled up acapella “New York, New York”.

Some pix here. Videos of Crosstown Lightnin’ to come.

VIDEO: Bird Call Blues
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