Eat The Rich star takes to her paints: Al Pillay’s Demented Divas exhibition

You’ve seen her living the dream and wreaking revenge on the expoiting fat cats making our lives a misery in Eat the Rich. Now see Al Pillay‘s artwork in north London’s L’Absinthe Restaurant. On until 1st May, International Labour Day and the day after my birthday when I am 37 again.

Demented Divas is a celebration of some of the most colourful and gifted female stars of the 20th and 21st century, in the opinion and as seen through the eyes and perceived in the mind of the demented diva that is Al Pillay. Al has been drawing her divas in the same style and from the same hand from the tender age of 10.

“These were the women I related to and many of them in my mind appeared to be of undetermined gender themselves but it didn’t matter, they were my glittering sign posts on the road to Damascus and my rescue from a miserable childhood and an abusive early life. I was made to feel as welcome in society as a revolting tumor. As a sensitive and flamboyant teenager born amongst the neon lights and fish heads of dull parochial Grimsby Town in the 60s, with all its regional and generational racism and homophobia, I took refuge in my demented divas as a survival mechanism in order to block out a dismal and hostile outside world where only ostracism, flak and ridicule appeared to prevail. I felt that at least my microcosm of the Demented Diva world could provide colour, glitz, glamour and a fun bizarreness to an otherwise naff and generic external world, I preferred planet Demented Diva.

“I am so thrilled to be sharing them now especially in this dark and unempathetic political and fiscal climate. All I urge is that every one regardless of gender, as i don’t believe in that either, connects with their own inner Demented Diva as it’s the only way to stay sane. Now enjoy and embrace being zany and insane. Thank You! NO I MEAN THANK YOU!”

Al Pillay unless you have been engaged in a coma for the past two decades is known and revered by the hip and cool clued-up brigades as a star of every idiom theatre, film, radio, television, film, chart recording star, Stock Aitken and Waterman’s Disco Diva in 86 with a PISTOL IN MY POCKET, and guest artiste on Gary Clails HUMAN NATURE with two appearances on top of the pops regaling the nation with the couplet “Let the Carnival Begin Every Pleasure Every Sin”.

Al starred along side French and Saunders in the ground breaking The Comicstrip Presents on Channel 4 television in the 80s and was the star of the feature film EAT THE RICH in the lead role of Alex along side Paul McCartney, Angie Bowie, Robbie Coltrane, The Pogues, Nigel Planer and Adrian Edmondson. Al is in demand as a cabaret performer and critiqued as a great interpreter of the lyric and a hybrid of Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne, Noel Coward and Little Jimmy Scott, additionally Al received five star rave reviews at the Edinburgh festival 2012 for portraying Roger Moores second wife the welsh singing super star DOROTHY SQUIRES Mrs Roger Moore, Al also has a NVQ diploma in make-up artistry and can be booked to create a special bespoke make-up for red carpets and bridal anytime, and works in conjunction with Diana Thompson The movie Eat the Rich can often be seen on film 4,uk gold or just youtube it!.

There is a brand new album of original songs writen by Barney Ashton and Chris Green called PILLAYDIUM availiable through Amazon and a brand new John Jenkinson movie called PELICANS due for release this summer. Plus Al has a brand new App out called RIGHT IN YOUR FACE which is a non-evasive surgical face lift yoga workout for your facial muscles to keep you looking younger for longer. Go to for more information.

L’Absinthe Restaurant, 40 Chalcot Road, London NW1 8LS. 
T: 020 7483 4848
Until 1st May 2013

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