DREAM SELLER: I’m in this scary short film made in St Ives

I’m in this mesmerising and disturbing short film made in St Ives by my friend Paul Healy. Receiving Paul’s cheery little movie, Dream Seller, on the day the Mayans said the world would end, is most appropriate as it speaks of the End of Things.

Paul has captured a powerful atmosphere and imbued it with tons of meaning. It’s staring the Grim Reaper in the face for our generation, as well as anticipating the decline and death of our version of civilisation now that capitalist production is moving out of Europe and into Asia and Africa, and capitalism is mutating into a form that doesn’t need us (as I’ve been banging on about for some time).

Dream Seller was shot in one of St Ives’s few remaining fish-net cellars (“seller” — geddit?), now earmarked for development, with various poets and artists who are to be found in this artists’ colony. So as well as being a fascinating exploration of our fears in the face of The End, it’s also a groovy holiday movie of my mates.

It was a pretty scary place. I did remark to Paul as he led me down into the dank and gloom, alone and defenceless (him, that is, not me, heh!), that it had the feel of somewhere where a sex-crime had been carried out.

The worst thing that happened, though, was that I left my make-up bag down there and had to send the boys round to get it back.

A sweet memento of my time in St Ives.

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