Anna and Lucy go to Stratford: RSC The Orphan of Zhao

Had we been ninja, we could have crept stealthily into the village without being seen. However, as we had done our research — which in this case consisted of being Chinese and paying attention — we blew into town and proceeded to make like we were proper Ingrish which, as we all know from recent events, we are not.

I am about to apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair and write my review and feature.

In the meantime, let’s have an Interval and some lovely photos of the day Les Gurls (Lucy Sheen and I) went to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s The Orphan of Zhao.

First, here is a short quiz to keep you entertained while I go off and do my thang:
Q1: Was there or was there not a ninja in last night’s show?
Q2: Where do ninja come from?
Q: How many other spacio-temporal anomalies can you find?

Not having a “Chinese connection“, this little repast confuses our intrepid heroes and Anna can’t work out whether to dunk her sausage into the mash or her Earl Grey tea.

The barbarians at the gate about to breach the defences.

Inside! Er … but still outside. Oh, you know how this works.

The lovely RSC programme — A Dysfunctional Dynasty. I’m not arguing.

What we are.

How this makes me feel.

The Fairy Princess Diaries strikes again.

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