SOPA bites the dust but how did the Chinese view the US firewall?

With a mixture of sympathy, schadenfreude and amusement, it seems.

Evan Osnos writes in The New Yorker:

After several years in which American diplomats have inveighed against Internet censorship in China, the proposals have inspired a bit of snickering. ‘The Great Firewall turns out to be a visionary product; the American government is trying to copy us,’ one commentator wrote. A Chinese message making the rounds on Thursday said: ‘At last, the planet is becoming unified: We are ahead of the whole world, and the ‘American imperialists’ are racing to catch up.’

On Weibo, “a commentator known as Dr. Zhang wrote: ‘I’ve come up with a perfect solution: You can come to China to download all your pirated media, and we’ll go to America to discuss politically sensitive subjects.'”

Ah well. At least the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act managed to achieve one good thing: uniting global netizens in their distaste for the clampdown. Netizens of the world unite: you have nothing to lose but your keychains.

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