Naomi Campbell threatens to sue as Cadbury Kraft likens her to chocolate

How backward is this? Just as First Lady Michelle Obama inspires young black women during her visit to Britain, US food giant corporation Kraft compares Naomi Campbell with chocolate in their new Cadbury ad campaign.

“Move over Naomi – there is a new diva in town.” reads the ad in a spiteful swipe at one of the few prominent black women in the world. Not content with reneging on promises guaranteeing their takeover of the English chocolate manufacturer, resulting in the closure of the Somerdale factory one week after signing the agreement, Kraft has now insulted black women across the globe.

Workers and black women in one fell swoop. Well done, Kraft. Putting the K into KKK.

This being 2011, and not 1951 in the Deep South, I hope the litigious Ms Campbell uses her formidable legal team to teach the company some respect, manners and humanity. In the absence of an apology, Cadbury is off the nibbles list for me.

UPDATE 15:30: Kate Moss’s friend calls black man a n****r at the Baftas. Ben Douglas was repeatedly called the racist epithet by the hair-raising white media figure at the Baftas in earshot of other guests but no-one protested. He also called Ben’s companion a “bitch”. Mind you, this was the same Bafta event that gave an award to the same Sherlock series that included a torrent of anti-Chinese racism in the second episode, The Blind Banker, so what do you expect?

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2 thoughts on “Naomi Campbell threatens to sue as Cadbury Kraft likens her to chocolate”

  1. Words fail me…….

    Which bit of racist do these makers of chocolate not get? I mean, where to start ffs?? I am finding society is being so regressive on issues such as race. I mean, blacking up seems to be the new trend along with (as you mentioned) the awful anti Chinese racist crap featured in the Sherlock Holmes series. And when you do complain you get a stock letter from BBC literally saying you aint got no sense of humour… Yeah, racism … whatta slide splitting joke!

    So it doesn't surprise me that some mate of Kate Moss thinks it ok to use racist language and nobody challenges this behaviour. I despair …..

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