Yellow Peril fear stalks America as well as Britain

BWA-HA-HA!!! Puny white people, we will have your nuts in the palm of our six-fingered hands before you can say ‘Fu Manchu’. Bow down before us and buy your crap what we made for you according to your own designs. The Great Obamao forces healthcare onto your inferior physiques and prepares you for conquest. Surrender to us the arch-criminal of history Niall Ferguson so we can ram his goolies in a blender once our super electron microscopes have detected them, for we are the greatest size-queens of them all and Niall is a scaredy-cat terrified by our might. Look upon our works and be afraid, for after the cheap and tasty takeaways, you will pay.

Oh, HOW you will pay …


Hat-tip honours go to The Hathor Legacy. And here and here.

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3 thoughts on “Yellow Peril fear stalks America as well as Britain”

  1. A hilarious post that lightened my mood after reading about 'the euro' at another blog.

    However my thoughts as I read to the end is that you don't mention the revenge of that other source of tasty cuisine- the great Indian sub-continent. After Cameron's breathtaking recent performance in Pakistan, and the reactions from his fellow travelers back home, I don't wonder that there is much to fear.

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