Ed Miliband tools up for TUC anti-cuts rally

Har, har! Garbo speaks!

Ed Miliband’s team have announced that Glorious Leader will be addressing the subject of Tory cuts at the TUC demo but will not march with the march in March.

And Baroness Warsi has a fit like Linda Blair in full Exorcist mode with term-of-the-day, ‘deficit deniers’, flying 360 degrees.

That’s some spin, Baroness, but third grade alliteration won’t help you now that SuperEd is out of the trap and on the case. OK, I exaggerate a tad, hope over experience and all that, but a gurl can dream.

Really, Baroness. ‘Deficit denier’? The Tory LibDem argument has been so sheer, thin and transparent that ‘9 denier’ barely covers it.

Bankers beware, shady Blairite scum take cover, for the Nice Man Cometh.

TUC protest against the cuts
‘March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice’
26th March 2011
March from Embankment
End rally at Hyde Park

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6 thoughts on “Ed Miliband tools up for TUC anti-cuts rally”

  1. I sat down in Cardiff to listen to Miliband tell the Assembly how much he would work to get fairness back into society, but felt that Welfare had become a serious problem in our society, he stated it's right that if people can work they should. But all those that can work are not finding job, ah yes but if you can work then you should be on JSA which as we all know is a less well paid benefit.

    I sat listening to this bull shit of him fawning over the way Labour in Wales would try to keep EMA, how students in Wales would not have to pay the tuition fee increase, then we watched this Miliband bloke tell us oh yes it's great Wales is doing this, but I cannot promise to do this in England, then you ask your self why the hell should people in England vote for you, just because you say your labour, unless labour comes out with facts about what it's going to do people will start thinking it's new labour all over again.

    saying you will cut the same but slower ends up with the same cuts hurting the same people the poorest

  2. Thanks, Robert. I think you have spotlighted one of the chief problems with Labour's response to the deficit. The suspicion is that they aren't that far off the Tory's outlook themselves. I hope to be proven wrong.

  3. I went to Cardiff the Assembly to see what Miliband had to say, I was going to protest about welfare cuts but my small placard was removed by the Police, nothing new then.

    Any way I was shoved to the Bank and listened to Miliband tell us how hard Labour was going to work to cut the deficit, but it would be done in a way which would not hurt the country, but a cut is a cut fast or slow in the end the same people will see the cuts hit.

    If your going to take benefits away from me in one chunk or slowly I will still end up with less money.

    He then went on with a proud voice telling us students fee's were wrong but he refused to say what labour would do, saying I cannot promise nothing.

    Then he said on welfare, I totally agree with welfare cuts, if a disabled person can work they should, end of story.

    But it's not the end of the story, I'm classed by doctors and consultants as Paraplegic, which means from the waist down nothing works, no sex, unable to pee, and well my bowel does not work, but my upper body is in fair shape, except of course I've got industrial white finger, and my shoulder is frozen, but I could do something what I've no idea.

    I joined labours new Deal, I was placed with a Job provider called Remploy, so off I go the promise to find you a job no matter what, six months down the line they left the area moaning about employers not being interested, I was then pushed over to the Shaw Trust, they phoned up saying they did not feel they could take me on right now as employers refused to see them, they left. So the Job Center took me back on.

    My first interview I was asked what could I do, I said I've no idea really, OK we will send you to training a course on computers, I said OK, they said it will cost you £1,600.

    Then they said it will be taken out of your benefits, my reply was like hell you will.

    I was then sent to see another chap in the job center who told me nothing is free in society.

    They dropped the price to £1,000, I did the course and this is no joke the instructor turned up and said he was ill went home and we did not see him again, that was my course but I had my diploma.

    Then I was told I would be going out on loan to companies to see if I could do the jobs, except no company would take up on, insurance problems.

    Back to the job center to see a lady who told me she had three job offer for me, each month I would pick up at the desk no need to seen adviser, my first three jobs long distance lorry driver, Bricklayer, window cleaner all from my wheelchair, two years ago they told me to stop coming to the Center they had nothing.

    And Miliband says if you can work you should.

  4. "If you can work you should work" – both Labour and Tories punish disabled people for employers not hiring us 🙁

  5. "If you can work you should work…"
    as joe hill said, " to the grafters [milliband et al] we'll sing this reply:
    you will eat, by and by,
    when you learn how to cook and how to fry.
    chop some wood – it'll do you good –
    you'll have pie in the sky when you die, you wise guy…"

  6. bit of good news under the Tories.

    Lie detectors for benefit cheats fail test

    The Department for Work and Pensions has dropped plans for lie detectors to be used to analyse phone calls from people applying for, or updating existing claims for, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Income Support and Jobseeker's Allowance. Read more here.

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