Tony Blair at Chilcot: pants on fire 2

Video: a telling moment when Blair admits ‘inconsistency’

This time it’s personal.

Watching live feed of Tony Blair at Chilcot. Anyone else noticed how, when he’s on the spot he glottal stops for England (presumably seeking orfenticity) but adopts posh when he’s seeking high status? (One Tweeter noted ‘gaing’ instead of ‘going’, f’rinstance). Tweeters inside the inquiry have observed the shaking hand as he reaches for his notes. The slipperiness is on show for all to see.

Blair dismisses his own contradictions with sophistry. Hence, Sir Rodders Lyne’s question quoting Blair’s ‘unreasonable veto’ comment is brushed off as not counting because he was only making ‘a political point’. So the appearance that they were going to bulldoze through any inconvenient UN vetos regardless is only gloss. So says Tone.

EDIT: Channel 4 News video of Blair’s ‘political point’ and his admission of ‘inconsistency’ here.

“I was making basically a political point – however I accept entirely that there was an inconsistency between what he [Peter Goldsmith] was saying and what I was saying…”

His constant reference to 9/11 remains unchallenged. Yet the events of September 11th are and always were an irrelevance.

Did you know that our attorney general is supposed to take instructions from the US to determine the legality of UK policy? No? Neither did I. Neither did the UK electorate. Blair regarded Goldsmith’s advice as ‘provisional’ (Guardian).

Blair admits that Saddam might have obeyed the resolution — it looks like there was a race against time and they had to pre-empt Saddam’s brinkmanship by not waiting for the second resolution as SH might well have complied and thereby taken the boys’ toys away.

The Guardian blog points out:

Freedman says this is not necessarily the case. In March, Hans Blix, the UN’s chief weapons inspector, said that Iraq was allowing people to be interviewed. There was “progressively more cooperation”, Freedman says.

Meanwhile, Sky and BBC News allow Andy Coulson’s resignation to knock Blair off the front page.

I’ll be updating this throughout. It beats chucking something heavy at the telly.

UPDATE 12.18: One pic of the (tiny) demo shows a banner reading, “Saddam was ready to go into exile”. Of course, this would have meant no bangy war-games for the lads.

UPDATE 12.22: Channel 4 News #iraqinquiryblog tweets:

Blair: Iraq started to give out a little bit more in the last few weeks but it was nothing like full, immediate & unconditional cooperation.

UPDATE 12.30: Chilcot takes a break. Steve M Facebooks me: Tony has been getting in some practice.

UPDATE 12.45: IraqInquiryBlog Iraq:
Prashar: Why didn’t enough post-conflict planning take place? Blair: Planning DID take place. Should we have focused on different things?

Shocking. Prashar quotes Blair saying that was the responsibility of the Americans. Blair just denied he was going to leave it to the Americans. Words mean whatever he wants them to mean. Psychoboy!

UPDATE 13.00: IraqInquiryBlog:

Blair: Gordon & I honoured our commitment with resources required. Money really wasn’t the problem. If people had problems I wanted to know

Indeed, money was hardly a problem when Blair’s favourite JP Morgan (Blair ‘earned’ millions in fees from them) won pole position co-ordinating the pillage of Iraq.

UPDATE: Craig Murray writes:

The Chilcot Inquiry was summed up for me ten minutes ago, when Tony Blair quoted an extraordinary passage – I believe from George Bush, but didn’t catch his attribution. The quote said that WMD were not things that had a physical existence, but rather existed in the minds of scientists who could create them, other than nuclear weapons, at very short notice. This absurd expedition into metaphysical justification was greeted by Sir Roderic Lyne’s much vaunted forensic brain. MORE

HARPY MARX made the protest at Chilcot today and posts pix here.

THE CASE AGAINST BLAIR: 15 charges that have yet to be answered in The Independent.

Tony Blair dug his own hole in the Chilcot inquiry — Guardian

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3 thoughts on “Tony Blair at Chilcot: pants on fire 2”

  1. Whilst I have no respect for Tony Blair.

    What's the point of even going to all the trouble of doing a Blog Entry on his day at the Chilcot Inquiry when Wikileaks revealed that it's a Blag (Scouse slang meaning a false cover story).

    According to Wikileaks in the USG Cables; both Labour & Conservatives Parties promised Uncle Sam that whoever was in power wouldn't allow ANYTHING in the Inquiry to embarrass them.

    As Tony Blair is 'their Blue Eyed Boy', today will be made to be shown as a uncomfortable experience for him but him giving questions back to the Inquiry.

    The UK TV News especially will show admiration for Tony's 'Teflon Don' styleee as they did the last time.
    Only Channel4 News dealt with what he said & didn't buy into his endless use of Iran being 'next on the hit-list' line of defence?

    Instead, do a summary of what occurred today or even better a run-down of what each UK TV News & Newspaper gives… they support, are against or go with the mentioned 'Teflon Don' praise.

    Or… another point.

    In today's The Guardian two separate articles with the same theme?

    Male Police Officers using Sex to temp Women belonging to possible opposition against the establishment.

    Whilst The Guardian, didn't connect the two mentioned stores it came to my attention.

    Keep up the great work.

    Ohhh… am new to this whole Blog thing. If you could have a read of some of mine & if you like please follow me.

    Am putting in what I classify as good stuff but it's tough when people aren't noticing it.

    Thanks again.

  2. Blair went to war trying to say it would have been worse if i had not talked Bush down, oh yea, nothing said then about Blair making a fortune then.

    American Oil Companies are now taking the Oil out of Iraq by the tanker to ensure they get profits from this, what do we get a Millionaire prime minister, who left power before the war ended to ensure he got his money from the Americans.

    It's so sad that in 2011 we still have people that will go to war then make a fortune out of it…

    I know I'm picking on labour again, sadly you have to say what choice do we have..

  3. Thanks for the link MM 🙂

    Have to say it was a small protest, it wasn't really built, people were holding banners and placards (some from 8:30 this morning!!) there were meant to be speeches but didn't hear any, maybe they were all inside the Inquiry…in the warm… Loadsa cops looking bored and bemused by the turnout.

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