Anti-cuts demo: Harpy Marx has pix

Harpy Marx has a great set of pix of today’s anti-cuts protest in London at her website, including this rather fetching portrait of the proletariat’s finest.

I like a man in uniform. Actually, I don’t. But I’ll make an exception for these chaps. You can come and rescue my cat stuck up a tree any time. (Be still my beating heart.)

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3 thoughts on “Anti-cuts demo: Harpy Marx has pix”

  1. Ha!!
    The firefighters were really nice, happy for pix to be taken and to talk about today's strike. There was a picket line not far from the demo outside RMT HQ.

    A very big shame on the TUC for not calling this demo.

    I thought of Patrick Nolan, everyone's fave right-wing economist when Bob Crow spoke as he talked about the unequal tax system…. You can just envision mister Nolan shaking his said little head…….

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