Tory cuts: How to solve the crisis in one easy move

Here’s a wise and wonderful post from someone’s Facebook I noted last month.


A report in the Independent shows that the richest 1,000 people in the UK could pay off the whole of the £159 billion public deficit tomorrow, just from the profits they have made last year out of the economic crisis.
The collective wealth of the country’s 1,000 richest people rose 30% last year in the wake of the economic crisis.
Their combined wealth rose by more than £77bn to £333.5bn, the biggest annual increase in the 22-year history of the Sunday Times rich list.

Sadly, I can’t find the report but if anyone can shed further light, it would be most appreciated.

Sunday Times rich list here.

George Monbiot on the Tories seeing this as a long-awaited opportunity.

UPDATE: I’d also like to point out that the left has been worse than fucking useless. Where is the debate? It’s been business as usual for these phonies. One demo on the day of the cuts and one at the weekend? A bit late, don’t you think? The “leaders” of the left want all the glory and will do none of the slog to ensure there’s been a challenge in the media, so the government and the right-wing argument has set like concrete in the minds of the public. YOU DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO SET THE AGENDA!

Thanks to Bilus for the link to this report on taxing the rich to settle the deficit.

How the richest 1,000 could clear the deficit here

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