Madam Miaow sings “Mercedes Benz” at the St Ives Festival

So this is how I amuse myself while I’m in St Ives for the festival. I sang for the first time, not including the occasion two years back when I provided backing vocals for Buffalo Bill Smith and Charles Shaar Murray at the Kettle and Wink and forgot the lyrics to Who Do You Love?, even though it was me who was pressing for them to play the song.

Didn’t mangle Janis Joplin’s comment on consumerism too much. And I’d rather have a tiny Mazda sports car or anything driven by Emma Peel.

Notes on St Ives for anyone else planning a trip down: best pasties, scones and jam from Pengenna Pasties in the High Street opposite Lloyds Bank. Clotted cream ice-cream with clotted cream on top from Waller’s on the corner of Fish Street. Internet at The Hub — and they now serve Rattler cider, the finest fruit-based drink on the planet except for Dunkertons. Yay for the Hub!

Lunchtime sessions at Norway Square, St Ives Arts Festival, September 2010. Hosted by Bob Deveraux.

More live performance from Anna here

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2 thoughts on “Madam Miaow sings “Mercedes Benz” at the St Ives Festival”

  1. You do have a lovely voice and it's a brill version of the Janis Joplin's song.

    The one thing I wish for is a singing voice… instead I have a flat toneless one. Oh Well!!

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