How The Other 3% Think, Lesson 1: Dealing With Racism

A small but telling tale from Sarah Sands’ vomit-inducing obsequy ‘David Cameron: Born and bred to rule‘ in the Evening Standard.

In a style reminiscent of Private Eye’s Sylvie Krin and without a hint of irony, Sands cites this as an example of how our Dave stands up to racists.

In James Hanning and Francis Elliott’s biography of Cameron, the authors quote an Eton contemporary who was being bullied because he was Jewish. The bullied boy, now a City figure, said: “Cameron was very mature. He didn’t get angry with them ( the bullies) or punish them, because then they would have taken it out on me. Dave said, ‘It’s beneath you both to behave like this’. He was giving half the blame to me, you see, which I now understand was quite brilliant.”

Great! Not only blame the victim but get the victim to praise you for it (and, years later, find a hagiographer to serve as second).

Next stop: Victorian levels of poverty. When they say “Back To Basics”, that means very basic indeed. Workhouses: a fine institution much maligned by liberals … that’s small-l liberals, of course. Cap-L Liberals are now on-side.

Note to Alan Rusbridger and The Guardian: Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaahhhh (stop, I’m having a heart attack.) Ha ha ha ha hahhhh …

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3 thoughts on “How The Other 3% Think, Lesson 1: Dealing With Racism”

  1. Yeah, I read that comment in the Standard on the train home from work. What a load of offensive tosh from bourgeois w*nker Nick Cameron. …. two Tories become one. And lets look (no, maybe not) at the cabinet all white men in suits… with the exception of Theresa 'I am against repealing Section 28' May… I think she should be renamed Inequalities Minister as this reactionary lash-up will be dishing lots of it out!! Forward to the class struggle!!

  2. I wonder whether this polital shot-gun marriage will last the year. Whatever it gonna be a very bumpy ride. With the likes of you me qand the rest of the "ordinary" people travelling in stirrage with no suspension

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