Katie Price and Alex Reid: Diana, car crashes and cavemen

Sneer if you like, but Katie and Alex don’t half make me laugh.

In sore need of a lighter note after yesterday’s grim reminder that war is hell, I’m turning to my bestest meeja show-off and her “lovable pratt” spouse, Alex Reid.

One thing I like about Alex is that, even though the tabloid favourites are constantly photographed on one long shopping trip, laden with posh-looking bags and dressed in attire usually involving the colour pink, he’s still wearing the same coat he wore on Celebrity Big Brother when he surprised everyone and emerged the winner. Maybe it’s his lucky coat. Or maybe Katie won’t spring for anything sensible not in girlie hues.

Safeguarding his charmed streak, Alex has taken recent delivery of a Bible from fellow housemate Stephen Baldwin, who mind-frakked the cagefighter so entertainingly on TV. It’ll look great in their library alongside the fruits of Katie Price’s prolific authorship.

While I know quite a few chaps suffering from Jesus and Lenin/Trotsky complexes, when women succumb to grandiose identification syndrome, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Nadezhda Krupskaya have been back-burnered in favour of the sainted Diana.

According to the ever-reliable Daily Mail:

Katie says one of the reasons she is happy for her whirlwind romance with cage fighter Alex Reid to so quickly lead to marriage is because she always has a feeling that she might not be alive for long. She added: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s (her death) a car crash, I always say that. Sometimes I think it might be a Diana moment because of the way the press chase me outside my house and try and run me off the road.’

Alex has been offered a role as a caveman in a new BBC drama, 200 BC. Yes, that’s right. Two hundred years BC. I can’t imagine why they want to cast him as a caveman. Everyone else will be in woad and living in wattle huts but Alex will be in a cave. Somehow it seems so right.

He said: ‘I’m quite excited to play a Homo sapien. It’s like a different take – that cavemen weren’t actually stupid, they were quite intellectual.’

Ah, bless. How can you not love these two?

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  1. LOL I don't know which is funnier Alex stating he's "excited to play a Homo sapien" or the that he thinks that "they were quite intellectual" of course it is all relative

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