Ricky Martin helps Chinese pirates meet their death

This made me very sad.

Livin’ La Vida Loca
Even Chinese pirates fall for Ricky

In honour of Ricky Martin’s big announcement this week, we thought we should celebrate with our first three stories on him. This was from February 2000:

“Thirteen Chinese pirates staggered drunkenly to their deaths this week, singing a Ricky Martin song. The gang – convicted of murdering 23 crew members, were taken to the firing squad from a court in Shanwei, China. Before they left for the execution grounds, the prisoners were locked in the court room with relatives, some food and a large amount of rice wine. Half an hour later, they emerged unsteadily into the bright sunlight, red in the face and singing Ricky’s 1998 World Cup theme song La Copa De La Vida (“The Cup Of Life”). Yang Jingtao, 25, led the singing, jumping up and down in his chains and singing “Go, go, go! Ole, ole, ole!”

A short time later they were all shot, in the head and the heart, by a firing squad.”

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