Orwell Prize: Madam Miaow makes the longlist

May I just say, “Blimey!”?

I’ve just heard from the organisers of The Orwell Prize that I’ve made the longlist in the Blog category. “They are awarded to the book, the journalism and the blogposts which are judged to have best achieved George Orwell’s aim to ‘make political writing into an art’.”

When I submitted my entry a few months back I didn’t dream I’d get anywhere in this prestigious award so I am delighted to have made the final fourteen.

“This year’s shortlists, of six in each category, will be announced at Thomson Reuters, Canary Wharf on Thursday 15th April at 7pm. The announcement will be followed by a debate entitled ‘have the political classes been fatally weakened?’”

Commiserations to my comrades who also submitted their blogs for consideration. A special mention for Splintered Sunrise who I was convinced would lead the pack and at least get this far as his writing style, wicked wit, and sharp incisive analysis outshine us all in the left. Also for Harpy Marx whose knowledge of the political landscape teaches me much.

Congratulations to the others on the list. You may recognise some of them. Well done.

David Osler Dave’s Part
David Smith Letter from Africa
Gideon Rachman rachmanblog
Hopi Sen Hopi Sen
Iain Dale Iain Dale’s Diary
Jack of Kent Jack of Kent
Laurie Penny Penny Red and others
Madam Miaow Madam Miaow Says
Mary Beard A Don’s Life
Morus PoliticalBetting.com; Daily Kos
PC Ellie Bloggs A Twenty-First Century Police Officer
ray The Bad Old Days Will End
Tim Marshall Foreign Matters
Winston Smith Working with the Underclass

More about this year’s prize here

PS: Ha! I can’t believe this news came in just after I succumbed and posted a funny pet video. George must be spinning. Or maybe not. He did, after all, own a poodle called Marx, thus proving a fondness for mutts combined with a sense of humour. Hey, perhaps the pet pooch video is the perfect Orwell blog item. Judges, please note.

EDIT: Other left blogs submitted and worth checking out include: Andy Newman Socialist Unity, Phil BC A Very Public Sociologist, Lenin’s Tomb, Kevin Blowe Random Blowe, Jim Jepps The Daily (Maybe), Sunny Hundal Liberal Conspiracy, and Neil Clark

My essay on George Orwell here. Written as a review of John Newsinger’s insightful biography.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

16 thoughts on “Orwell Prize: Madam Miaow makes the longlist”

  1. Many many congratulations. Although I agree, SplinteredSunrise should have made the longlist. Long time lurker, by the way, hello! *waves*

  2. Thank you very much, everyone. And hi, Laurie, fellow longlister. *waves back*. (Can't wait for our brag badges.)

    It is quite an awesome honour to make the longlist, especially when you look at the event's history and see some of the others you're up against.

    It also makes me realise that all the times I thought I was a lone voice yelling into empty space, some people were hearing it. That's one reason why those of you who comment here play a major part in keeping my pecker up. It is great the way the blogosphere creates supportive communities for those with progressive views.

    I hope George would be pleased that we are trying to uphold his ideals and principles.

  3. Cheers, Jack. Likewise, I didn't know about yours but I'm pleased to have made your acquaintance. Glad to see you fighting the good fight over the libel laws. Best of luck.

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