FARRAGO POETRY SLAM: Anna Chen and Daddy Freud

Went to Farrago’s excellent Poetry Slam last night and busted my competition cherry with Daddy Freud and Anna May Wong Must Die! I was a bit nervous with Daddy Freud but AMWMD was going great guns and I was well into my stride when disaster struck and I forgot the last verse.

But, here for your delectation, perusal, praise or raspberries, is Daddy Freud.

I didn’t win but I got a respectable score and I won a bendy Li’L Ludwig Van Beethoven doll, so I will be doing this again.

The Farrago slam is a monthly bundle of fun organised by MC John Paul O’Neill who has performed the magical task of assembling much awesome young and diverse talent. Some of the writing and performances blow you away with their energy, originality and wit, brilliant enough to keep me on my toes. A far cry from the po-faced establishment poets we saw recently at a Haiti benefit gig in central London. That was for a great cause but, boy, some toe-curling pomposity made it a bum-acher. I’d like to see former poet-laureate Andrew Motion talking about sitting as a young boy on his mother’s Aga in front of last night’s audience, oh yes.

Anyhow, HarpyMarx, AngloNoel and Loved One provided support and took video on my mobile phone. They were impressed as well and we will all be going to the next one in April.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

5 thoughts on “FARRAGO POETRY SLAM: Anna Chen and Daddy Freud”

  1. It was a pity I had to go before your piece de resistance. Will be along for April 12th though!

    I will start working on 'Evidently Trotskytown'- it will see the light of day!

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