Maclaren buggy amputations acceptable say middle-class Brits

Maclaren buggies in the wars

A finger of fudge may be just enough to give your kid the digit they’re missing after helping Mummy fold away their pushchair.

Is it me or are the middle classes getting madder?

The Telegraph asks if parents are overreacting because Maclaren buggies are amputating their children’s fingers. One of their resident Mr Angries blames hysteria and “pressure groups” for anxiety over a device presumably designed for comfort and safe conveyence of your Precious Ones which turns out to have a wicked safety flaw resulting in children being maimed for life when their fingers are caught in the hinges.

Reminiscent of Tyler Durden’s sleazy day job in Fight Club, working out the motor trade percentages involved in crashes and deciding when lawsuits hit critical mass making it more economic to issue a recall, Maclaren has only just now offered British parents the same safety cover they had to offer US consumers.

The Telegraph’s columnist is joined by a chorus of commenters overflowing with the milk of human kindness when it comes to the poor corporation yet could pinch-hit for any number of Dickensian villains when it comes to child safety.

It’s an acceptable percentage kinda thang. If children have the temerity to help Mummy fold the buggy then they deserve everything they get. Good for you Maclaren — chop off those interfering little fingers and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

And then the parents have the cheek to complain. Overreaction and hysteria and not greedy irresponsible corporations are the plague of the modern age.

That Jonathan Swift had a nice recipe for babies …

UPDATE: British parents to sue Maclaren — report in The Guardian

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5 thoughts on “Maclaren buggy amputations acceptable say middle-class Brits”

  1. I'm sure that Mummy doesn't mind too much if little Toby and Pandora lose the odd finger.

    After all one can't been seen down the Montessori with one of those vulgar council estate pushchairs.

  2. Thank you, Nevin. The absurdity helps.

    Steve, I feel sorry for the WWII pilots if the buggy philosophy and lack of care for the users is the same as they got. Although, somehow I doubt it.

  3. Regarding WWII pilots, see "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller. Or post-WWII, why Lockheed jet fighter became known in Germany as "the widow maker".
    But guess Telegraph commentators will argue little Jonquil should be disciplined, or physically constrained, so they don't put their fingers in the hinges. Like the workers in industry if they are injured it is their fault. People have to weigh their interests as shareholders against soft attitudes as parents. Away with the nanny-state, even for those with nannies!
    Makes you wonder whether Telegraph types are suitable people to be allowed care of children, mind.

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