Fu Manchu knighted: Arise Sir Christopher Lee

That master incarnator of exotic uber-villainy, Christopher Lee (87) — Dracula, Scaramanga (The Man With The Golden Gun), Saruman (Lord Of The Rings), Hammer’s first Frankenstein’s monster, Lord Summerisle (The Wicker Man), Willy Wonka’s scary Dad and Dr Fu-Manchu (erk!) — gets his richly deserved gong at long, long last.

No relation to Bruce, Stan, Ang, Stewart, Ho Fook, Robert E., Addison or Sara, he was knighted by Prince Charles today but promises that he will never be billed as “Sir” Christopher Lee in a movie, unlike Sir Ben Kings Lee.

Loved One once interviewed him at his Eaton Square home and Chris sang grand opera in his grand baritone and demonstrated martial arts kicks whilst keeping his fangs resolutely sheathed. No blood was shed, no sheds were bled …

And you know he only comes out at knight.

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3 thoughts on “Fu Manchu knighted: Arise Sir Christopher Lee”

  1. KV — spam, much?

    In the meantime — Sir Chris be right up there in the Lee League with Lee Remick, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lee Hooker, Gypsy Rose Lee, Janet Leigh, Jamie Leigh Curtis, Lee Enfield, Lee Ann Rimes, the Day Lee Worker…

    Ummm …

    More lee-ater …

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