Opium dealer fortune plundered by family: Brooke Astor’s son guilty

So much for breeding and nobility. In a case that makes the Astors look like the Corleones, Anthony Marshall, the dastardly stepson of David Astor, has been found guilty of trying to steal millions from his mother, socialite Booke Astor, while she was gaga.

The Astors, who founded The  Observer, made their money from fur and opium. Nice.

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2 thoughts on “Opium dealer fortune plundered by family: Brooke Astor’s son guilty”

  1. And (run this past Mr. Murray) the fur part of the Astor fortune was courtesy of Greil Marcus' ancestors, who had developed the business, but preferred to become the first coffee farmers in Kona, Hawaii.


    (WR: damiste. Some sort of French lady proponent?)

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