Spartacus’s grandson arrested for selling Crystal Meth: Cameron drugs scandal

From the BBC website:

Actor Michael Douglas says his family is “devastated” by the arrest of his son on drugs charges.

Cameron Douglas allegedly made thousands selling methamphetamine, one of the nastiest drugs ever. (In)Hailing from the Douglas acting dynasty, he’s not exactly your average poverty-stricken street-corner dealer struggling to survive. He’s likely to get ten years to life for this one — I’m not surprised the family is devastated.

At least he’s still alive. A few years back, Michael’s less talented half-brother, Eric, died of suspected substance abuse. I saw him die onstage at the Edinburgh Fringe of audience abuse when his stand-up bombed and all he could do was sneer and grunt at us, and then sadly he got the real thing.

“I am Cameron”. “No, I am Cameron.” “No, I am Cameron, and so is my drug dealer.”

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4 thoughts on “Spartacus’s grandson arrested for selling Crystal Meth: Cameron drugs scandal”

  1. Interesting… Like you say, he is not exactly poverty stricken and needed the money….. Why the hell get into the drug business? Maybe for the fame? But then again, he is famous due to his family…..

  2. What do you mean by "nastiest"? I've never taken methamphetamine, but I'm told it is a vast improvement on sulphate. Perhaps you meant " Used as a term of approval: terrific, wonderful; formidable".

    Mandrax/quaaludes apparently cause something like a layer of plastic to appear in your lung lining. A fatal dose of fly agaric mushrooms can be just twice the recommended dose(as can paracetemol). Yes of course any drug taken in illegal conditions can cause problems, but if the US allowed imports of coke,heroin or your friend John Sinclair's favorite, there wouldn't be such a market for bathtub productions.

    Oh, and if your still wondering where the screen-name comes from, it's Ron Jeremy's character in Orgazmo

  3. Just exposes the hypocrisy really – speaking as one who's against prohibition I've heard that crystal meth is nasty stuff…
    I'm pretty much with jinxmaster on this one re 'bathtub productions'.

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