Web addict killed by rehab counsellors

Well, that’s one way of dealing with it. In the absence of proven technique, method, rhyme or reason, rehab staff in Nanning, China, beat to death a fifteen year old who wouldn’t get off his computer. Allegedly. As internet horror stories go, that’s an effective one.

I’d say the milk of human kindness has curdled in a big withered worldwide teat and may not be flowing for a while yet.

They said I had to go to rehab, I said, FOR GOD’S SAKE, NO-O-O! NO-O-O-O! AAARGH!

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4 thoughts on “Web addict killed by rehab counsellors”

  1. I made a documentary about hikikomori in Japan, most of them were addicted to computer games. We visited many of the rehab centres many of which were unhelpful. spartan and detrimental to the patient's mental and physical health.

  2. I've decided to do something about my computer addiction. Cutback on certain sites like this one for instance. I'm sure that'll be a relief for you. So I've left you with a new photograph of myself and my back garden .. well actually I have a few acres where I play golf. The garage on the right hand side is where I roller skate (it's really big) and listen to music. My swimming pool is not in the picture .. hey you can't have everything. Maybe I'll visit you sometime once I have my addiction under control.

    Good luck and God bless Madam Miaow.

    A rich capitalist

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