Bill Killed: David Carradine found dead in Thailand

He may have done Bruce Lee out of his coveted role as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s series, Kung Fu, and looked damn stoopid in yellowface, but actor David Carradine still gave lots of pleasure once you got past the adhesive tape.

Now the man who played the psycho Bill, boss of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, and who met his nemesis in Uma Thurman’s Beatrix AKA The Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, is dead. Found with a rope around his neck in Thailand.

All that eastern spiritual hokum and you still go out this way. So sad.

RIP David Carradine, 1936-2009

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10 thoughts on “Bill Killed: David Carradine found dead in Thailand”

  1. I remember David Carradine from the short-lived 1966 TV show Shane, based on the movie of the same name. He offered a much different interpretation of the role than Alan Ladd! Later, Carradine made for an ideal Woody Guthrie in Bound For Glory, in which he sang fine versions of "Hard Travelin' Man," "Pastures Of Plenty," and "Hobo's Lullabye."

  2. Na na na
    Na na na .. na na na NAA
    Na Na nana na .. na na na
    Na na Na na na na

    Ah ah ah har
    har har har ah har harr
    har har harrr

    Kung Fu theme tune

  3. Bound for Glory does Woody proud. IMHO a great 1970's movie from Hal Ashby and Carradine pulls it off very well. Agree with K. that he did fine versions of those iconic songs.

    It should be mentioned that he was the best part of Walter Hill's much better than average western The Long Riders where he played Cole Younger. He owns every scene he's in.

    It sounds like it might not have been suicide, but some sort of "adult activity". Here's hoping he left with a smile on his face.

  4. The Bangkok Post revealed what the other end of the shoelace tied around his neck was tied to, but it used Wikipedia to explain the possible motives for this particular style of ligotage.

    In other news, Thai police ruled out the the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique as a cause of death.

    Seriously tragic though; I met him once and he seemed a nice guy, very friendly with my daughter.

  5. i feel so bad that all his sexual preferences and escapades are getting drudged up. All he has accomplished and that's the only thing people can talk about. The fact that that's how people are choosing to remember him is so sad. It isn't important to me how he died, but how he lived his life.
    on a seperate note, I miss his tai chi workouts. they should really start airing those again.

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