Anna May Wong Must Die! premieres Friday, St Ives

Anna May Wong Must Die!, a personal journey through the life and crimes of the Hollywood screen legend, has its debut performance at The Salthouse Gallery, St Ives in Cornwall this Friday 8th May at 7pm. £6

I’ve composed music for it, poetry, everything except fireworks and fully-catered Chinese dinners.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

7 thoughts on “Anna May Wong Must Die! premieres Friday, St Ives”

  1. As the town of Wagga Wagga settles down for another perfect sunny day, in Britain a salesman breaks through the drizzle and knocks on a door.

    ‘ Marcus Browne, provider of speciality cakes. Finest cakes in the world.’ ‘Oh come on in and take a seat’ ‘ We are a French company using only the best ingredients. Cream from Switzerland and chocolate from Belgium. Have a look at our brochure’ ‘They look divine. Do you make any of them yourself?’ Her mouth watered and she licked the edges of her desire. ‘Well as a matter of fact I can make seven of the cakes and I’m rather good at homemade chocolate.’ Within a split second a large rope appeared around his body and a small spiral grater glistened precariously near his …

  2. It was in the middle of the night that he managed to free his body. He had spent nearly a week chained to the kitchen making cakes and chocolate which the lady wolfed down with ease.

    She went out on Friday night to one of her dos and got plastered.

    ‘Hey ho away we go donkey riding, donkey riding’ could be heard as she stumbled through the front door.

    He was ordered to make a goodnight cake with lashes of chocolate. Again she scoffed the lot despite having already drowned 15 pints of John Smiths and God knows how many packets of cheese and onion crisps.

    She in for a hangover and a half!

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