Happy Birthday To Me, I Live By The Sea …

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Hardy har! Just got this ecard from Babeuf to celebrate my birthday. (Mother tried to time my birth for International Labour Day — don’t ask!)

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me, I Live By The Sea …”

  1. Thanks, all, for birthday greetings. Louise, everyone seems to have the chess bug down here.

    Weather still foul. Tate closed for two-week rehang. Grrr!

  2. Really remiss of me to miss your birthday….. Sorry and happy belated one.

    I was in the Tate Modern Saturday…and thought of you… esp. Constructivist chessboard…

    Anyway, will see you when you get back with belated b'day present…


  3. Happy Birthday, Anna! Sorry I'm a bit late, but expect you're still partying by the sea.
    Belated congratulations to your Mum BTW, impressive bit of Socialist planning that!

  4. St Ives 2017. The house was so full the crowd spread to the balcony where a large birthday cake rested.

    Outside of the gates a crowd had gathered, some trying to smooch through the security guards. The papraza were trying to get a glimpse of the action, some had even hired helicopters to snoop out the best picture.

    Suddenly a car burst through the crowd and crashed into a black lamp post. Out came Andy Newham, the Socialist Unity blogger.

    "Let me in Madam Miaow' he yelled

    "You're not a member of the Socialist Workers Party … sorry"

    Then it was time to sing. Instead of 'Happy Birthday' it was "Socialist Workers, Socialist Workers, Socialist Workers."

    The candles were blown and the Socialist Workers left with three ginger biscuits each.

    That was some birthday party and she could hardly wait until next year when there plans to invite two sides of the hunting debate to party on.

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