Gaza protest: stop the bombing

I heart these Jews

“Everybody is somebody’s Jew. And today the Palestinians are the Jews of the Israelis.”
Primo Levi, A Hard Case: The Life and Death of Primo Levi; The New Yorker, 2002.

47 per cent of Israelis don’t approve of the invasion of Gaza
270 of the Gazan dead are children.

Israel out of Gaza protest Saturday 10th January
March to Kensington High Street, past the Israeli Embassy.

John Pilger on Gaza Under Fire in the New Statesman

Former US Army Colonel on his experience of the IDF via

Based on personal experience of the behavior of IDF conscripts toward Palestinian civilians, I would say that the Israeli government has little control over what individual groups of these young Israeli soldiers may do in incidents like the one yesterday in which mortar fire was directed toward UN controlled school buildings. … In Beit Suhur outside Bethlehem, I have seen IDF troops shoot at Palestinian Christian women hanging out laundry in their gardens. … the behavior towards Palestinian civilians of IDF troops at roadblocks was reminiscent of that of any group of post-adolescents given guns and allowed to bully the helpless in order to look tough for each other.

Letter in today’s Independent from The Hoping Foundation

As supporters of Hoping, a charity working to strengthen the lives of Palestinian refugee children, we are horrified by the cruel and massive loss of life of the citizens of Gaza, and by the failure of our politicians to put adequate pressure in order to achieve an immediate end to the carnage. …

We have to end the bombing immediately and get all parties to talk to each other. The first thing we should do is stop arming both sides. That means us, Britain.

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