Conrad Black begs Bush’s pardon: demonstrates perfect manners

Convicted felon Conrad Black is begging George Bush’s pardon in the dying days of the presidency. He may be a thieving swine who looted his own empire but it’s nice to see the upper classes still have perfect manners.

In prison since March this year for obstruction of justice and defrauding his stockholders, Black has another six years to serve, unless his ideological stable-mate in the White House can ride to the rescue and bust him outta jail with his trusty 6-gun afore Sheriff Obama hits town. Yeeha!

Hey, what happpened to “less understanding” and “more condemning”?

Bush’s scorched-earth limbo promises to throw up some utter shockers. We’re waiting with bated breath (today mine is baited with red Thai curry, heavy on the garlic) to see how awesomely imaginative and venal he can be.

Not content with looting $700 billion from the American people to give to the banks, proving it’s capitalism for the poor but socialism for the rich, Bush is also smashing up what remains of US civil liberties by making surveillance easier, weakening the Clean Air Act (well, he is an oilman), and planning the further erosion of abortion rights.

This could be Bill Clinton MkII, the mark in question being Marc Rich who fled the United States in 1983 to live in Switzerland while being “prosecuted on charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the hostage crisis. He received a presidential pardon from United States President Bill Clinton in 2001 during Clinton’s last day in office.” (Wikipedia) Incidentally, the Deputy Attorney General at the time, Eric Holder, is in the frame for the top job with Obama. Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose.

And the granddaddy of them all, George Bush Snr in his presidential dying days left a giant turd for the incoming Clinton by kicking off in Somalia, “Just to fuck things up for Clinton”, says Splinty on the dog ‘n’ bone this morning.

Hilarious videos on the last days of Bush, Clinton and Gates at Vanity Fair. Vote for the best.
(STOP PRESS: The vids appear to have gone offline but I found this serious appraisal of Bush’s “midnight regulations“. A must-see!)

And while you’re there, check out 16 guidelines for making stuff suck. If thine eye offends thee, do it like this.

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8 thoughts on “Conrad Black begs Bush’s pardon: demonstrates perfect manners”

  1. Come off it, he can't be bad. Doesn't his escort look so charming that she could charm the sheep away from Little Bo-Peep?

    Who can resist a winsome smile?

    Hope he's out for the Hols.

    Go and eat some Brioche Madame to get rid of that bad taste.

  2. Shrouded in mystery … indeed, Mrs M, that is because we are living in the land of the pea-souper.

    Conrad Black — haven't heard yet if his wish has been granted. Let's hope that even for Bush, Black is beyond the pale.

  3. Hello Madam Miaow

    I am the mysterious mystery blogger who bring greetings and would like you to visit the British Chinese Blog he's just started (oops, or I could be a she).

    Like your stuff. Please visit if you have time.

    Yours mysteriously

  4. This man is an all out criminal! If first time offenders can get six years for petty theft because they can't afford prime representation, shouldn't the sentence for someone stealing millions without conscious be considerably more? The answer is of course no. Because if you come to court in Gucci, everyone knows you're really a good person who deserves a slap on the wrist.

  5. Good old Conrad, the guy who renounced his Canadian citizenship so he could swank around in an ermine robe in the House of Lords… nor should we forget William Hague for proposing the peerage or Mr Tony Blair for pushing it through.

    I'm told his book on Nixon is quite good, but Conrad's identification with Tricky Dick probably tells us more about Conrad than he would like us to know.

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