St Ives Comedy Club first night

Rod Bullimore, Anna Chen, Charles Shaar Murray

Rod Bullimore, Anna Chen and Matt Price

Tonight’s opening (Wednesday 2nd July) of St Ives’s first ever comedy club at the Western Hotel got off to a lively and shambolic start with comics versus hecklers. Talk about clash of cultures! The comics fought back and regained ground but the body count was high.

Anna Chen found some of her best lines stomped on by one table of pissed punters, although her “From flapping lab to flapping gob” line about Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone and her statement that the Chinese earthquake was karma over Tibet, went down a storm (so to speak!). Demitris Deech smiled his way wickedly through some killer put-downs but it was former boxer and headliner Matt Price whose controlled explosions rocked the house. Passionate and ever so slightly charged with the threat of violence, he gave a masterclass in how to deal with a troublesome audience.

Rod Bullimore was the gentle poet and wit who steered us through the rocks and a great time was had by all. Now that’s my kind of dangerous sport!

Thanks to Alan Gillam and Steve McIntosh for inviting me.

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2 thoughts on “St Ives Comedy Club first night”

  1. Yes, brilliant, thanks, Louise. Bunker camaraderie among the comics made it exciting. Us versus them. I’d say it was a draw in the end.

    But very encouraging so more gigs to come.

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