Madam Miaow on the radio: Chinese in Britain BBC Radio 4

Picture: The first documented Chinese in Britain, Shen Fu Tsong, a Jesuit convert who translated the Chinese books at the Bodleian Library in the 17th Century and whose portrait hung in the bedchamber of King James II

The first of the two omnibus repeats of my series, Chinese In Britain, went out last night on Radio 4 at 9pm. It was originally a ten-part series broadcast April/May 2007 and has now been edited into two hour-long episodes.

Next one is Friday 23rd May at 9pm.

You can listen for seven days at:
BBC Online

A fascinating story” – Chris Campling, The Times
Each episode sounded effortless only because it had been crafted with such supreme care” – Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph

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