Madam Miaow reading: St Ives Literature Festival

Madam Miaow — AKA Anna Chen — reads from her autobiography, The Chop House, 8pm this Sunday 11th May at the Salthouse Gallery, St Ives, as part of the St Ives Literature Festival.

“Right now I’m trying to finish The Chop House, an autobiography about my upbringing by Chinese communists in Hackney from the Swinging Sixties, when I had Beatlemania screaming in one ear and Red Guards in the other, to life as an early punk when I hung out with various cultural reprobates and had my first catsuit made by Vivienne Westwood. My excuse for being in St Ives is that it gives me the opportunity to buckle up, knuckle down and get the damn book writ. But there’s the beach, the Arts Club, the night life, my mates (old and new) and, of course, the literary festival … “

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4 thoughts on “Madam Miaow reading: St Ives Literature Festival”

  1. Cheers, Phil. It's very relaxed down here a million miles from the Smoke so we're all having a great time being playful.

    I did some poetry yesterday for the lunchtime open reading which was lots of fun (pix and maybe vid will follow at some point). Bob, the organiser, sets up his events in a lovely non-elitist way so anyone can have a go and not feel intimidated.

    I really do love the atmos of co-operation, growth and friendship at these arts events, unlike certain other circles which should be setting standards of co-operation, growth and comradeship.

    Which brings me to your April post which I just read and enjoyed very much. Sober, thoughtful, it reached out in a comradely way only to be bitten off at the elbow. Such a shame.

  2. " But there's the beach, the Arts Club, the night life, my mates (old and new) and, of course, the literary festival … "

    ….And the Tate Modern by the beach. Oh, to be on a beach with a cool see breeze, relaxing….

    Have a lovely time and good luck with the readng…

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