The Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2007

Your chance to vote for the biggest corporate scumbags lobbying in the European Union.

They are all foul so it’s hard to choose between them. Here’s a taster:

“Cabinet Stewart for running the International Council of Capital Formation (ICCF) – this so-called ‘unique European think-tank’ is in fact a front group for US-based opponents of the Kyoto Protocol.

“Repsol for misshaping the EU’s research agenda on agrofuels to fit narrow commercial interests, at the expense of genuine measures to combat climate change.

“Viscount Etienne Davignon, for advising EU Development Commissioner Louis Michel about African development issues, even though he sits on the board for Suez – a transnational corporation looking to expand its energy and water business into Africa.

“Shell for an advert suggesting that their oil refineries emit flowers not smoke.”

And my personal favourite, “BAE, nominated for promoting deadly weapons as environmentally friendly.” Green bullets, anyone?

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