Jimmy Savile strikebreaker at Broadmoor: Panorama tonight 8.30pm

Watch Savile: The Power to Abuse – BBC1 Panorama 8.30pm, Monday 2nd June 2014. 

As we wait for the BBC’s own report into the Jimmy Savile scandal, shocking but unsurprising insights into how Jimmy Savile held onto power emerge in tonight’s Panorama investigation.

Edwina Currie went along with Savile who was blackmailing Broadmoor nurses for subletting their accommodation, threatening to grass them up if they went on strike.

A Tory agenda and sex abuse united in crushing a nurses’ strike using blackmail threats. One wonders what other blackmail was going on.

A sex abuse carte blanche in return for oppressing labour — as good a metaphor and expression of capitalism as you’re likely to get.

It is hoped that the BBC’s Panorama Savile investigation gets it right at last and vindicates Meirion Jones and Liz Mackean, even if the corporation had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the open.

Panorama 8.30 tonight on BBC1.

Savile notched up at least 500 victims, some as young as 2. More here.

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