Women of the Blues on today’s final Madam Miaow’s Culture Lounge, Resonance 104.4FM, 5pm

Bessie Smith, “Empress of the Blues”

Today live at 5pm on Madam Miaow’s Culture Lounge, Resonance 104.4FM, Charles Shaar Murray concludes his Guide to the Blues with Part 3, The Women of the Blues.

Presented by Anna Chen with Charles Shaar Murray.
Guest: Sarah Gillespie.

Today’s final Madam Miaow’s Culture Lounge of the series wraps with Charles Shaar Murray’s Guide to the Blues Part 3: The Women of the Blues.

Singer, songwriter and fine artist Sarah Gillespie joins Anna Chen and Charles Shaar Murray to look at the history of the Blues, its dominance by women in the early years, and the current resurgence of female artists. From Jim Crow laws, the cotton fields and abject poverty in the former Confederate Southern states to the promise of the big cities, these women not only rose to the top of a major western musical genre, they helped create it.

Featuring tracks by Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Clara Smith, Big Mama Thornton, Etta James and more.

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