Nick Clegg on Roma and Bedroom Tax … lovely man

Voting for Bedroom Tax, legitimising attacks on Roma …

Oh Little Nicky Clegg!

He’s a sheep in ba-lamb clothing,
A bugger born to beg,
The wolves they want their mojo back
From little Nicky Clegg.

In fits and starts, he’s good in parts,
A proper curate’s egg,
Sold his soul for a minor role
And cut away his legs.

You’ve nixed your reproduction,
You’ll die out like the steg
osaurus and their mates
Coz little Nicky Clegg

Goes down with the voters
Like a cup of coldest smeg,
Like VAT on pasties
Cooling down in Greggs.

Like student fees and markets free
Your promises lie wrecked
From the noblest of motives
To swimming with the dregs.

A little bit of power
Went soaring to your head,
You failed the test of character
Your soul lies stony dead

(by Anna Chen June 2012)

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